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A wee bit about me...

My background is in providing IT support for creative companies. I’ve been working in search engine optimisation for over ten years, and have worked with over 100 clients that I have helped people to find online. I have also worked in project teams alongside web designers and developers, photographers and animators, graphic designers and copywriters.

Each project has been unique and with each one I have learned something new in the ever-changing world of search.

My clients have been a big mix that has included: charities, barbers, lawyers, carpenters, architects, engineers, artists, academics, publishers, accountants, therapists, gardeners, musicians and brewers.

Solid SEO has helped them to promote what they do, bringing in more enquiries and more customers.

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What we can offer

I often work collaboratively on projects with Peebles-based web developers Untangled Web. Together we can offer a range of web and SEO services:

Web Development

Web Design


eCommerce Websites

Multilingual Websites

Customer Support

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Drop me a line about your project and we can take it from there.

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