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Despite what you may have heard, SEO is just a simple series of steps.


It is generally thought that Google looks at over 200 different metrics when evaluating a website to place in search results (SERPS).

While we may not know exactly what all of those metrics are, we can take action on a series of steps that will maximise out chances of placing well in search results.

Some of those steps involve On-Site SEO, such as content, metadata and image optimisation.  Others are focussed on Off-Site SEO, such as Inbound Links, Social Media interactions and brand mentions.  Finally, taking some time to look at some aspects of Technical SEO will help to make your website structure cleaner, more secure and faster. All of these things contribute to a better performance on Google and other search engines.

SEO Step Examples

On-Site SEO Examples

  • Headings ✅
  • URLs ✅
  • Image ALT Tags ✅
  • Schema Markup ✅

Off-Site SEO Examples

  • Inbound Links ✅
  • Brand Mentions ✅
  • Influencer Input ✅
  • Social Media ✅

Tech SEO Examples

  • Site Load Speed ✅
  • Site Security ✅
  • Mobile Friendliness ✅
  • Error Checking and Bug Fixes ✅

Google loves it when your website does what it says on the tin.

Don't be coy and don't hide your light under a bushel. Just write clearly and honestly about what your website is about, where you are based and what products and services you offer.

Done properly, good SEO builds your reputation on Google, rewarding you with more clicks and more customers.