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Search Engine Optimisation can be set up in multiple languages to target customers in other countries.

There are several approaches and technologies to choose from when creating a multilingual website. Two systems that we have used successfully are WordPress with the WPML translation plugin, and WordPress with Google Translate plugins. You also have some options within each approach, depending on your specific requirements, your budget, and what works best for you.

Multilingual Websites & SEO

WordPress with WPML Plugin.

Using this approach, you can choose to manage your own translations, usually done as part of a team with different language skills.

You can also choose to pay for automated professional translations to make your life easier.

WordPress with Google Translate Plugins.

The Google Translate approach also has options. You can use the free versions to automatically translate your web pages. It’s simple and it works quite well.

For more advanced features, including the option to add SEO metadata in other languages, a paid for Pro version of these plugins is required.

Why bother with Multilingual SEO?

Google is available in 149 different languages and people tend to search in their own language. If you want to do business in other countries, then a multilingual website and SEO is what you need.

Working in partnership with Peebles Web Developers, Untangled Web, I have helped to translate and optimise several EU-funded multilingual project websites.

These websites were all built using WordPress with the translation management plugin WPML.

Life Carbon Farming
The Life Carbon Farming project aims to reduce the carbon footprint of farms by 15% in 5 years in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland and Spain.
The Life Carbon Farming website contains content in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

Life Green Sheep
The main objective of the LIFE GREEN SHEEP project is to reduce the carbon footprint of sheep farming in Europe in a sustainable way.
The Life Green Sheep website contains content in English, French, Italian, Romanian and Spanish.

EuroSheep is a Europe-wide network working together on practice-driven innovations to improve sheep profitability through health and nutrition management.
The EuroSheep website contains content in English, French, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Spanish and Turkish.

Sm@rt Platform
Sm@RT is an EU funded Thematic Network aiming to encourage the use of PLF & digital technologies across the European/International small ruminant sector.
The Sm@rt website contains content in English, Estonian, French, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian and Norwegian.

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